Premier Outsourcing Provider, Call Center in Mexico

AmerikaLink is one of the leading call center companies in North America today. We serve businesses offering multi-channel bilingual English and Spanish contact services. Our Call Center in Mexico rival those of most established call center outsourcing companies based in the United States but we provide them at a much lower cost. If you are in need of state-of-the-art contact services and want to avoid the risk of outsourcing to Asian-based outsourced call centers, we are the company you can count on. Premier Outsourcing Provider, Call Center in Mexico

Premier Outsourcing Provider, Call Center in Mexico

Call Center in San Diego and Tijuana

We are proud to be one of the few business process outsourcing companies that are based in two very strategic locations—San Diego, CA and Tijuana Mexico. If you are serving clients with Spanish origin or at least speaking Spanish, you will not want your customer service agents to know only American English. Your agents have to be expert at speaking both languages to allow for a more fluent and fruitful communication.

Since one of our offices is based at Tijuana, it is very easy for us to find skilled individuals who are best at both worlds because it’s near the border. They may not be as fluent as natural born Americans or Spanish, but they certainly are the best you will ever have for bilingual communication. If your clients, on the other hand, are mostly Americans, our teams in San Diego can handle your communication with them.


  1. Easy turn key set up with no cost to our clients (no hidden costs nor set up fees).
  2. Native agents with fluid English and great writing skills. Our agents either lived or commute constantly in the US.
  3. Our “Talent keeper” program is focus on maintain the best warm working environment with great results on performance.

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