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  • A Near-shore PARTNER you can TRUST !
    Nearly 7 years of reputable call center service experience.
  • Neutral Accent Staffing
    Bi-lingual call center staff that understands your culture.
  • Warm Friendly Personalities
    Producing consistent and high quality results!
  • Great People, Great Results


  • Location - Tijuana Mexico

    We are the closest NEARSHORE outsourcing call center in America that an American company can find. You don’t have to go into any of the call centers in India or a call center in the Philippines. Just driving down the freeway 5 southbound, or taking a domestic flight into San Diego, you’ll hit here. There’s no outsourced call center or customer service company in Asia that can match business process outsourcing firm based in San Diego and Mexico.
  • Empathy, a western mindset

    We understand the consumer like no one else in the offshore network. Because our people have a bi-national culture and naturally bilingual, having strong family ties in US; also, because Agents commute to southern California on weekends for recreational activities, providing our Representatives a deeper and extensive exposure to the US mindset. We know how things really work in the U.S. and therefore we can communicate with your clients and partners more efficiently. We will not waste their time to preserve their loyalty to your business, which is why we will ensure that our inbound call center services are efficient.
  • Flexibility in all aspects

    You’ll find people skilled and passionate about what we do best: listen to our client needs, implement and daily monitor service levels and seek for improvements. Providing state-of-the-art scalable technology that enables you to access real-time queue and reports, but also to monitor closely (live) every Agent. Our company serves as your company’s first line of defense against potential damage to your reputation due to misinformation and other shortcomings that are beyond your control. We will represent you better than other call center outsourcing companies.



We are a North American Contact Center Services Provider based in San Diego CA, and in Tijuana, Mexico. We specialize in delivering a best in class service experience for our Partners offering multi-channel bilingual English and Spanish contact center services. We pride ourselves in delivering Onshore quality at Nearshore costs. Our location near the US/Mexican border allows us to attract local bicultural talent, integrating seamlessly into your organization eliminating the need for westernization or accent neutralization as with Indian or Philippine operations. We will smooth out communication barriers that affect your operations. Our fluency and tactfulness are capable of giving your customers a memorable experience with your business. Our proximity to the US and San Diego’s international airport significantly reduces travel expenditures and allows for more opportunities for face-to-face partnership building. If you are considering offshore operations, think Nearshore first.


  • Offshore call center location may break you, so we decided to do an RFP, we shorted the list and visit Philipines, India and Mexico. Call center in Mexico is closer, better english, they have Tacos and they are Dallas Cawboys fans!
    John Fitzgerald, Consultant - Marketing Research Firm
  • Amerika Link fulfilled our needs, keeping happy and retaining our complex costumer type. The Cancelations and Refunds are lesser than ever due to the management and great hard core customer service for our Spanish and English queue. Definitely one of our strategic solutions for outsourcing.
    Craig Hampton, Partner - Law Firm
  • Amerika Link is one of the hispanic call centers in nearshore outsourcing that will deliver results with bilingual Agents just like call centers in california or call centers in Florida.
    Monty Grow, President - Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Long Surveys
    Ben Jephson, Sales VP - Utility Company
  • Thinking nearshore outsourcing, we went in 2010 into a call center in Guadalajara and as well in a call center in Monterrey, but the level of professionalism an quality of English speaking reps is by far the best in the newest spot: the call center in Tijuana with Amerikalink.
    Mark Shoultz, VP Customer Care - Retail Business
  • The customer service call center Amerika Link, exceeded our expectations in promoting our Surgery Centers, Doctors and product services, thanks to the smart, friendly and profesional Agents they assigned us.
    Nancy Solorio, Operations Director - Plastic Surgery Center


Before you spend any more time researching other business process outsourcing services in India or Philippines, give us a call today to discuss your options in MEXICO. We promise you will be surprised by what you find right next door.