Update on Call Center Companies: Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Call Center in Mexico Kicking off the year, many call center companies are stepping up their game this 2016 with innovations and improvements. As the industry is taking on the challenge to have better customer service, changes are underway to satisfy the needs of tech-savvy customers.

Here are the trends experts predict will have a huge impact on the call center industry this year.

Improving Business Process

As more and more companies discover the convenience of subcontracting their processes to a third-party call center service, business process improvement is getting more attention.  Clients and call centers are enhancing processes in terms of quality, speed, cost and flexibility. This allows call centers and business outsourcing companies to analyze the client’s processes and identify the scope for enhancement. Business process improvement may also include creating training aids for various skill levels, implementing technology changes, and mapping out processes to accomplish ideal results.

Going Multichannel

Customers of call center outsourcing companies today want faster 24/7 support in multiple media. According to a survey on Contact Center Preferences, the majority of respondents prefer to use automated phone or online options, allowing them to arrange callbacks rather than remain on-hold.

The industry is making a solution to allow customers to arrange for return call alerts through web pages, social media sites and mobile apps.

By opting to use live chat and social customer services, customers receive a swift and flawless experience. Many companies have started offering these services, and others are expected to follow suit.

Having a Neutral Accent

A common perception among call center clients is if they hire call center services, their customers would be answered by an agent from another country who has a difficult accent. Organizations are now establishing in-house or outsourced contact centers in the U.S. Midwest and Southwest, and in other countries with neutral accents.

In a Contact Center Preference Survey, 87% of respondents say they use English when reaching out to a call center and 45% prefer to deal with an agent who speaks the same language as theirs with a neutral accent.

Speaking English with a neutral accent and familiarity with the U.S. culture are two factors why some countries pull off a significant amount of business process outsourcing work.

Speaking Multiple Languages

Contact center agents who are fluent in English and other languages are valuable when dealing with U.S.-based customers. With a large workforce of multilingual speakers, call center companies can cater to more customers and have better customer support. Multilingual staff help organizations engage with different consumers and build relationships through language and culture.

With the year still a long way to go, more challenges and innovation will pop up. By focusing on the customer’s needs and requirements, contact center companies can easily weave through these hurdles. Trends come and go, but the quality of service a company provides will stick to customers’ memories for a long time.

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