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Call Center Mexico: The annual prediction season is upon us. No matter what your interest or industry, chances are some industry observer, research body or executive with a penchant for self-promotion will venture some forecasts for the forthcoming 12 months. Here’s a handful relating to contact centers.

From Call Center IQ comes Future of the Contact Center: The Top Challenges. It explains: “As part of the research for our annual Future of the Contact Center Report, we asked contact center professionals like you to identify their most pressing challenges. We compiled, analysed and ranked the most popular responses.”

There’s nothing here to raise an eyebrow. All the five challenges are well known and should already be top of mind for any contact center executive: people; contact center leaders recognize the importance of optimizing the systems that drive today’s experiences; the omni-channel revolution is here; all facets of contact center management impact customers, and leaders want to ensure the impact is a positive one; to deliver exceptional experiences, contact center leaders know they must expertly manage and optimize call volume and workflow.Call Center Mexico

The Top 10 Customer Experience Trends for 2016 is pretty much in agreement.

  1. The omnichannel customer will arrive with force
  2. The customer experience requires investment
  3. Self service tools will be a must-have
  4. Voice has not died
  5. The mobile-first customer experience
  6. Net promoter score will play a pivotal role
  7. The need to provide a path for escalation
  8. Listen to the voice of the customer
  9. Employee engagement will be crucial
  10. Customers will no longer wait on hold

US based systems integrator Orchestrate ventured its Top Contact Center Technology Trends – 2016 back in July. No surprises here: multi-channel, the way to go; necessity to look cloud wards; workforce optimization to the fore; the rule of big data.

Touting itself as a comprehensive guide to the future Contact Center Trends Everything You Need to Run Effective Contact Centers in 2016 from Compare Business Products picks the omnichannel experience, virtual agents or intelligent virtual reps, the callback option, videoconferencing, big data in contact centres and integration of social media as the trends to look out for in 2016.

The good news, really is that there’s no news: there’s nothing here that should come as a big surprise with the potential to cause major headaches.

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