Helping Turn Callers Into Loyal Customers

Call Center in Mexico When consumers call an operator standing by for help, it’s often only after exhausting their DIY efforts. In the latest Call Center Commerce Tracker™, powered by IntraNext Systems, Gary Praznik, COO of call center manager iQor, describes how call centers handle those increasingly complex calls by combining human smarts with AI brains — and use voice[…]

The New Skills Needed For Superior Customer Service

Call Center in Mexico When you hear the term “customer service skills,” what comes to mind? Several soft skills might be the first thing you consider. A short list includes the ability to be empathetic and pleasant to customers; being able to think on one’s feet; an effective communication style; patience; a diplomatic nature. The key[…]

The Top Six Worst Customer Service Stories Of 2017

2017: The Year Of Being Offended Call Center in Mexico The reality is that truly wonderful customer service is easy to recognize when you see it. WOW customer service happens when employees demonstrate that they care about their customers, and when they take ownership over customer experiences. Bad customer service is a little more relative, and[…]

A Tricky Little Customer Service Secret: Wowing Customers Can Turn Them Off (If You Do It Wrong)

Call Center in Mexico “Wow” customer service can be a huge win for any business, but you need to know how to do it right. After you task your employees with delivering “wow” (which I define as “service that goes beyond fulfilling basic customer expectations, and does so in a creative, unexpected way”), you can get[…]

When Building Your Customer Service Culture, Watch Out For This Landmine

Call Center in Mexico You don’t build a successful customer service culture by only helping the people you think can help you back, the VIP clients and big spenders and celebrities with instagram followers in the seven digits. Turning your customer service on and off in this manner–being calculating in choosing the customers on whom to lavish[…]

The new meaning of customer service

Call Center in Mexico These days we’re surrounded by new technology. It has a huge influence on communications, transport and the way we go about everyday activities – for instance, the way we work, or shop. It also affects the relationship between companies and their customers. Customer service takes on a whole new meaning because[…]

Ten Customer Service And CX Predictions For 2018

Call Center in Mexico We are in the “Era of the Customer.” Companies recognize that customers are calling the shots. They are smarter and better informed, they recognize that they have more options, and they are critical about the customer experience they receive ajnd expect it to be right the first time … and every time.[…]

3 Ways Call Centers Improve Your Customer Service

Call Center in Mexico John Jantsch, President at Duct Tape Marketing, once said, “Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations.” So here’s the question: are you exceeding customer expectations? There have been countless studies focusing on the importance of customer service, but every single one of them has come up with the[…]

Customer Satisfaction: Why Call Center Jobs Are Highly Stressful And Tiring?

Call Center in Mexico When you are working in the corporate sector, you do have to go through tough routine from time to time.  However, some professionals need to go through a tough routine regularly.  For instance, call center professionals have to go through a rigorous work schedule every day. This is one profession that requires[…]

The Contact Center Is Having Its Model T Moment

Call Center in Mexico In 1913, Henry Ford famously implemented the assembly line in his factories — the innovative process that would ultimately make cars inexpensive enough to be owned by the general populace. By standardizing automobile parts (the Model T was available in any color a customer wanted, as long as it was black),[…]