Communication between you and your clients is crucial in your operation. Any barrier can lead to misunderstanding or confusion that can disrupt the entire operation and leave unrecoverable losses. It is crucial to put a frontline that can bridge the communication gap. That’s where AmerikaLink comes into play.

AmerikaLink is a full-time outsourced call center providing topnotch customer service to businesses in the United States, mainly those whose clients and partners come from a diverse race and culture. We particularly offer multichannel bilingual English and Spanish contact services and pride in our exceptionally talented pool of representatives. We outclass other call centers in India and Philippines while providing just as affordable outsourced customer service.

We Deliver Best in Class

We provide customer management solutions creating a seamless customer experience while reducing operational costs. We partner with you as an extension of your current organization allowing your core management to better focus on the business. Our solutions are custom tailored to meet our clients’ industries and business needs. We are Omni-channel capable, managing Voice, Email, Live Chat, and Social Media customer interactions.

Before we get down to work, we will make sure to conduct a thorough research of your business so that we can be in your shoes while communicating with your clients and partners. We will not just become an extension to your company but a core part of it, understanding the operation and relationship you have with your clients. This way we will act and talk just as you want us to and therefore help in the growth of your business.

“Amerika Link fulfilled our needs, keeping happy and retaining our complex costumer type. The Cancelations and Refunds are lesser than ever due to the management and great hard core customer service for our Spanish and English queue. Definitely one of our strategic solutions for outsourcing.”  – Craig Hampton – (Partner) Law firm

Thirst for Innovation

As your business expands, so is your customer service needs. This is why we have designed our technology to be capable of adapting to a vast range of demands. Not only is our system advanced to take on multiple tasks without reducing performance, but it is also designed to handle different types of issues that may affect your operation.

Call center outsourcing may seem a costly service but compared to hiring your own people to handle your own calls, it is far more practical, not to mention more effective. A lot of established companies attest to the abounding benefits of hiring a customer service call center. Your company can definitely benefit from us, too.

If you are interested to learn more about us and our services, don’t hesitate to keep in touch by visiting our Contact page or giving us a call at 866.978.5959. We will be more than happy to assist you and show you the best options we have in store. We are based in Tijuana, Baja, California.