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Omni Channel

Omi Channel services

We at Amerika Link cares about communication and nowhere is this more apparent than in our omi- channel services solution. We get your company is not able to be in constant communication with each of your customers or prospects that’s why we offer a specialized team that can communicate with any individual that is interested in your company, be them prospects, customers, partners, media or anyone. Call Center in Mexico

With that ,our agents can be ready to contact or receive communication by anyone through any platform they choose:

  • phone
  • SMS
  • chat
  • email
  • video
  • post
  • tweet
  • blog entry

That being said, we can be able to take the information and process it accordingly and if need be, provide a solution directly or pass it along to the appropriate person or department in your company.

Communication is key and we can free up your time and only hand off important information to you.

You can rest assure that the service will keep a consistent brand image by providing a seamless and personalized experience.

We can use the information we collect to present any important customer feedback or tendencies, this can impact:

  • Consumer buying trends
  • Key product problems
  • Customer necessities

It’s important to be one step ahead and as a business owner and Amerika Link can provide the tools and information in order for you to make a better and quicker decision if need be.

So we will deal with a bad experience before a customers star losing interest.

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