The call center service for Industries that Amerika Link’s provides, is specifically designed for every unique and complex need of each vertical, delivering benefits on cost management as well as boosting loyalty to your customers or consumers. We use the most advanced system and strategies to provide our clients with the highest-quality inbound call center services that can take their operation and client relationship to a completely different level.

In the call center in Mexico, we have been working with different types of businesses, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance,Retail, Telecom, Travel and Memberships. Whether you want to give clarification to a certain billing issue with your clients or simply try to help them understand how your products and services work, our inbound call center has got you covered.

To drive business performance, is required processes, the accurate Representative, the training, quality assurance and technology advancements, to acquire, serve and retain customers. We provide all this task in every implementation and maintenance on each program. Our goal is to provide your clients and partners with a memorable customer service that can keep them from shifting to a different provider and we never fail to hit the mark whenever we’re tasked to.

The call center service commitment to our clients is to accomplish all key performance indicators that matters to the specific campaign, from “Response Time”, “Average Handle Time”, “First Call Resolution”, “Sales per Hour”, “Retention rate”, “Schedule Adherence”, “Contact Quality” and “Customer Satisfaction”. All of these tasks are vital to the continuity of your operation and the prevention of possible escalations and outages.

So, when you contact us, you can ask for recordings, live interview with Managers and with current Agents, but as well live monitoring …for you have a better idea of what level of customer service call center and call center support we are able to deliver. We do not hide anything because we are confident that our customer service system is world-class and can take on the most complex communication tasks.

AmerikaLink wants to be part of your quest for expansion and dominance in your chosen industry. While other aspects of your business are crucial—finance, marketing, operations, and management—customer service should be treated just as delicately. We will be your first line of defense against likely conflict with customers or clients who misunderstood you or your services. We will be your mouth to deliver information that you cannot deliver properly because of your own intricate tasks.

If you want to find out more about us and our services, keep in touch by visiting our Contact page or calling us at 866.978.5959. We will have an expert waiting on the line to provide you with all the information you need.