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The Service that Amerika Link’s provides, is specifically designed for every unique and/or complex need, delivering benefits, from cost management to boosting loyalty to your customers or consumers. We provide our clients with the highest-quality inbound call center services that can take their operation to a different level.

In the call center in Mexico, we have been working with different types of businesses.


Whether you want to give clarification to a certain billing issue or simply try to help them understand how your products and services work, we got you covered.

To drive business performance, is required processes, the accurate Representative, the training, quality assurance and technology advancements, to acquire, serve and retain customers. We provide all this task in every implementation and maintenance on each program. Our goal is to provide your clients with a memorable customer service.

The call center service commitment to our clients is to accomplish all key performance indicators that matters to the specific campaign, from “Response Time”, “Average Handle Time”, “First Call Resolution”, “Sales per Hour”, “Retention rate”, “Schedule Adherence”, “Contact Quality” and “Customer Satisfaction”. All of these tasks are vital to the continuity of your operation and the prevention of possible escalations and outages.

So, when you contact us, you can ask for recordings, live interview with Managers and with current Agents, but as well live monitoring …for you have a better idea of what level of customer service call center and call center support we are able to deliver. We do not hide anything because we are confident that our customer service system is world-class and can take on the most complex communication tasks.

AmerikaLink wants to be part of your quest for expansion and dominance in your chosen industry. While other aspects of your business are crucial—finance, marketing, operations, and management—customer service should be treated just as delicately. We will be your first line of defense against likely conflict with customers or clients who misunderstood you or your services. We will be your mouth to deliver information that you cannot deliver properly because of your own intricate tasks.


The travel industry is facing multiple challenges from, recessions, strikes, health alerts and so on. Consumers chasing prices, constant marketing changes, adding the fact that profitability in sales is not what it used to be. But people will always want and need to travel and will continue to do so, because we as human beings, like to explore, and we need to engage face to face client meetings.

Amerika Link, contributes to make the travel industries life easier, offering a personalized customer service, while meeting your commercial objectives within this cost-sensitive market. Our customer support include reservations, ticketing, rentals, loyalty program management, shipping and tracking, and our Agents in the call center in Tijuana, may assist trip planning calls also. At the same time, traveler’s service expectations are higher and interactions are every time more complex. That is why we also provide high end technology offering different alternatives to create rapport with your travelers: from telephone, web chat or email, generating a sophisticated and fantastic customer service experience.


The cyberspace is full of data. Ideally, this shouldn’t give users anything to worry about. Reality, of course, is different, we still have a long way to go to define what clouds can do and how users should interact with them.

The telecommunication industry is rapidly evolving to suit the changing needs of consumer’s on-the-go, the wireless, broadband, satellite, and cable sectors are looking for new ways to increase their market share by delivering communication and entertainment in a single package, revolutionizing life as we know it. The marvels created by the combination of computers and the internet enable us to link and communicate as never before. These companies need experienced outsourcing partners to manage multiple lines of business.

Amerika Link is committed to quality service; our technical support is unrivaled in the industry. We offer proper service and solutions that provide the stability.




​​All insurance sectors have experienced dramatic change over the past decade. This will continue and even accelerate. For the old fashion people, the insurance Agents are the backbone and heart of the company, your customers respond to your agents in a personal way because insurance is such a personal issue. In this decade, Internet tracking generates real-time data, and the analytics that transform this data into insights that already are shaping how consumers obtain advice on and purchase insurance Products.

These changes have affected all global insurance sectors, including personal lines, commercial lines, individual life, annuities and retirement, and group benefits

Amerika Link has a distributed workforce of insurance professionals that improves the service and revenue of your company, providing that 24/7, online or phone service. In the call center in Tijuana, our tenure representatives provide quotes, updates to their policy, asking the “what if” questions to get the best understandings of what package to provide, always delivering the highest quality solution to your challenges and the best professional service in the contact center industry.


​​​​People may not travel as before, may not go often to restaurants, but everyone desires to be in good shape and health, that’s the main principle behind the “why” this industry is so successful even in this turmoil economic times. Amerika Link provides Healthcare Customer Service that guides your Patients to the appropriate level of care with compassion and speed.

  • check-up
  • plastic surgery procedure
  • health care program
  • manage the interaction
  • providing nurse triage
  • conduct surveys
  • schedule appointments
  • reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • and increase program enrollment

All with quick and easy accurate information that the Representative would provide, without long hold times or complex IVR directories. If you seek to build customer loyalty, while controlling costs, outsourcing healthcare customer service is the answer.

Amerika Link has the expertise to provide excellence in healthcare customer service, while helping companies get closer to patients.


​While financial institutions have increasingly obtained market financing and paid back state aid, the sector remains fragile.  Expectations of future are and will continue to be uncertain. More stringent capital rules put pressure on financial institutions lending more generally.  Restarting securitization to support lending would be important and could be fostered by government initiatives focusing on standardization, transparency and due diligence to restore investor confidence.

Our Financial call center division at Amerika Link understands this sensitive scenario, so we implement state-of-the-art security measures to ensure data and information are guarded against identity theft.
We help by taking the challenge of increasing service quality while reducing costs.

Providing agents with rigorous training to provide the highest possible levels of service. This will dramatically increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with the outstanding service that Amerika Link Prides ourselves in!


​The lifeblood of any country’s economy. Energy accessibility contributes directly to improve human quality of life, therefore, a sustainable growth is necessary.

Oil, gases and Uranium are projected to last two more centuries, while coal will remain abundant for even longer; however, fossil fuels and recently nuclear power plants are under pressure due to environmental and other risk concerns.

But there is a huge growth for development of renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, wind and solar power.

Our Energy call center division at Amerika Link understands that, so we provide the customer service call center knowledge to our Representatives on this landscape, so we make sure to educate the Representatives in your company exact needs.

  • providing quotes
  • billing information
  • taking payments
  • answering general questions

Our call center, the Representatives are skilled Professionals with more than 5 years of experience.


​Customers want new, different, and customized goods now, and they’re not willing to wait. At the same time, pressures on the back end are mounting, too. Larger retailers, with their efficiencies of scale and international scope, are pushing prices down and slashing margins.  Amerika Link Understands that today’s customers don’t just place orders from 9-5, they shop also on-line and missing a call can be extremely costly, that is why we provide you a 24/7 customer service, allowing you with an opportunity to increase revenue.  In order to remain competitive in today’s changing world and ensuring future success.  At our call center in Tijuana, we go that extra mile:

  • calming a disgruntled customer
  • apologizing and empathizing
  • selling , up-selling  and cross-selling,
  • order entry & tracking
  • refund management

Our main focus is to keep them loyal to you.

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Call Center in Mexico

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