German Quality for your Customer Service

Auto Parts Call Center in Mexico

In the automotive industry, we take a look at the production of premium vehicles that is currently being led by Germany which produces nearly 20 % of the total premium vehicles used in the world. As you can well imagen this number represents immensely in the 50% of total exports of that nation.

Germany is synonymous with quality, their overwhelming investment in R&D in order to develop quality parts is the reason that products produced by the German automotive industry convey far and away greater results on an ordinary day to day use.

Auto Parts Call Center in Mexico

By doing an initial market research study we come across customer perception results indicating German auto parts are better, durable, reliable and overall preferred by consumers.


As you can imagine not just any contact center can work with the German automotive industry. The qualities mentioned before are essential and must be reflected by the contact center, otherwise they will be classified as “just another call center”.

  • Quality

    Contact Center’s must have well implemented quality measures (Average Handle Time, Follow ups, First Call Resolution, Adherence, Punctuality, etc.…) There must be a constant flow of information in order to provide detailed reports at an agreed upon periodicity and if there are any issues, a root cause analysis must be done in order to make the appropriate modifications on one-on-one feedback and continuous training.

  • Reliable

    A big advantage a Contact Center will have is the reliability of the company as a whole, one must review how long has the company been in operation, the experience of the administration team or any person in a leadership position, accessible customer references or any other peace of information that might give the automotive industry peace of mind.

  • Passion and Knowledge

    We put together 2 qualities that at first might seem very different but in the context of the automotive industry go hand and hand. When we think of the consumer of the German Automotive we find that, the consumer has a high commitment to the brand of automotive and does not easily jump brands. It may be because of family tradition, or the previous qualities mentioned before but when those consumers require technical assistance, they prefer to look for authentic German auto parts and support by those who know the value and difference of those parts against any others. That passion for German manufactured automotive and their parts must be reflected by the contact center. Add that to a well-trained agent that knows the nuts and bolts of any car and you get a star agent that can even give the impression your calling directly to Germany for support.

The word is quality and a contact center must take their service up a notch if they want to do business with consumers expecting the German level they see in their cars and their auto-parts.

 Auto Parts Call Center in Mexico