Want more and loyal customers? A Solution for Customer Service in the Startup Drone Industry

Drone Call Center in Mexico

Drone Call Center in Mexico

With the ever evolution of technical abilities in the world, certain new products have become commercially available to the public. This has opened many possibilities, one of the best examples of these products is the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) better known as “drones”.

Advanced Drone manufacturing for recreational or commercial use has spiked in the recent years and their initial cult following of hobbyist and enthusiasts has grown exponentially in a short period of time. Now you can find a version of a drone in your everyday department and kid’s store. Prices have gotten so low that anyone can have access to the hot new thing of the moment.

But this spike in sales will create a ripple effect in those companies. Both Startups and long running companies will see an exponential increase in customer feedback, drone crashed, not recognizing firmware update, disoriented UAV, lost connection, intelligent flight modes issues, accessory information, or any other issue. The vast majority of these companies are outrageously underprepared to deal with this and thus opt to avoid handling these issues all together. This can be seen by the consumer by having a hard time finding any way to contact the manufacturer and when one looks at the website, one cannot find a phone number and at most an email address.

For more experienced and bigger drone manufacturers that often get a daily intake on customer contacts, exploring the option of a fully dedicated campaign in a contact center has to be addressed. The cost benefit when obtaining the adequate partner cannot be ignored seeing as it heavily impacts the bottom line, not just in employee cost reduction but also developing a more advanced way of communication between the Drone company and their customers.

For small companies, we believe 3 simple things can make the manufacture rise among competitors:

1.- Sharing customer service representatives

Both Startups and Experienced companies often are unaware that certain contact centers have a shared business model, where an agent can be trained and thus can represent the services of 2 or 3 different brands simultaneously. This can provide a saving of up to 40% to 50% compared to dedicated Rep.

2.- We are used to Chatting.

Chat is better than phone! It’s no a mystery that new generations, millennials in particular (which are the primary consumer of drones) prefer chat interactions over telephone. Well, that’s good news for the drone companies, because contact centers thrive with Chat functionality.

A single agent can assist up to 3 chats simultaneously without loss of productivity or knowledge. As you can imagine, this reduces customer service costs by around two thirds.

3.- Be Universal, be Omni-channel

Currently many contact centers have adopted other communication methods like chat, screen sharing, email and voice service, to provide a omni-channel customer service, by having a same Agent with enough skills to type, read and speak in a professional and friendly manner.

This super-Agent, can also be the same share Agent mentioned above or just dedicated to one single brand. Of course the payout will be slightly higher than a traditional voice Rep, but the number of interactions this Universal Rep can attend to is way more, resulting in a lower  “Cost Per Contact” (CPC) than a “One channel” Rep.

Drone Call Center in Mexico