About Us

What Sets Us Apart

It’s unlikely that you will know of a call center company where customer services representatives are not good communicators. If any, they must be from somewhere in India or Philippines. Communication is impeded usually by inadequate knowledge of Western culture and unnatural accent. This compels companies to provide westernization and accent naturalization programs, which means additional cost.

At AmerikaLink, we are independent from such programs because our agents are fluent in both English and Spanish. We also provide activities that will allow our agents in Mexico to cross the border to learn and enjoy the diverse American culture. This is why we never fail to amaze our clients who first think of our agents as not flexible enough to take on their communication challenges.

If you want to see us in action so that you can make an educated decision in hiring us, we have good news for you. We will provide you with access to some of our recorded calls to know just how we will go about your demands in case you hire us. To find out more about us, don’t hesitate to keep in touch by visiting our Contact page or calling us at 866.978.5959.

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